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Stepping Stones Group Celebrates Christmas Season by Giving Back!

Stepping Stones, a group of differently-abled adults from the St. Croix County area, participates in ongoing recreation and leisure opportunities.  One of these activities is a bowling league that meets twice monthly at Gibby’s Lanes in New Richmond.  The league has between 30 to 45 people bowling on any given afternoon, with the assistance of 6 to 8 volunteer helpers.  The cost is minimal at $1.50 per game, and offers a fun social time as well as a little exercise for the participants.

<>Each year during the Christmas holiday season, the bowlers choose a local charity to support.  In 2011, the group decided to donate the proceeds from one bowling meeting, which is approximately $100, and divide it fours ways.  The organizations selected to receive these donations include: Grace Place of Somerset, St. Croix Animal Friends of Hudson, Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County, and Home for Life Animal Sanctuary of Star Prairie.  They feel very fortunate to be able to contribute to these causes!

Stepping Stones, in existence since 1986, is one of the member groups under the St. Croix Valley Disability Coalition.   The Coalition focuses on disability-related issues such as: accessibility, education, community employment, community integration, and individual/systems advocacy.  The Coalition is a recipient of funds for specific activities through United Way St. Croix Valley.  More information about the St. Croix Valley Disability Coalition can be found on their web site at

<>Anyone interested in getting involved with Stepping Stones or finding out more information may contact:
Traci Bauer at 715-832-1782
or by email at

Congratulations to Stepping Stones
Celebrating 25 Years as an Advocacy Group
in St. Croix County, WI.
A member group of the St. Croix Valley Disability Coalition, Inc.
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On October 19, 2010, Stepping Stones members gathered at Gibby's Lanes in New Richmond for their bi-monthly bowling games.  Following their games, they joined other members in Gibby's Banquiet Hall to celebrate their 25th Anniversary as an Advocacy Group.

Among the attendees were a couple of members from the orginal group of Stepping Stones.  Display boards portrayed some of the Stepping Stones activities through the year.  Food, a special cake, and good company was shared among many.  In addition, many stories were shared about experiences throughout the years.

Many thanks to all who have supported the Stepping Stones throughout the years, and who continue to support their programming.